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Back to school

on September 16, 2021

We went back to school 2 days ago, so on Wednesday it was a fun fist week it is Friday today. On Wednesday morning I was scared to come. Once it was like a hour in I wasn’t scared anymore. My class is a pretty good and quiet class witch is very nice.

The first day of school was amazing, we mostly just played games, and talked about the class. Towards the middle and end of day we did a group project, witch was pretty nice. Except for the part when we were told we had to make a presentation and present the next day.

So overall these past 3 weeks have been pretty good but I do know its not gonna be all fun and games. This is the 2nd year being in this class so I know how it all works.


COVID-19: Back to School Plans in Canada (2021) | Mydoh

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