Mothers day!

Mothers day is Sunday may 8th and I thought that maybe I would wright about it today since mothers day is this weekend!

Now you may wonder “why do we celebrate mothers day?” well we celebrate mothers because its to honor and respect all the mothers out there.

In our family we always get my mom a gift, I got my mom a light up sighn that says “to the world your a mom but to our family you are the world” when I saw it I just knew I had to get it for my mom! I did get it from amazon so if your interested in getting when, here is the link: 

I will also be getting my mom some bubble bath:

On Saturday I might be taking my mom out for a tea with my friend and her mom!

On Sunday I will probably make one of her favorite breakfasts which is a baked French toast casserole!

What are you getting your mom, and what are your mothers day traditions? ( if you have any…)

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