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My Christmas Wishlist


  • gift cards
  • clothes
  • shoes
  • pop socket
  • 4 square ball

I do have more things but I am only gonna list a few item


  • baking sugar cookies
  • read Christmas books before bed time
  • open a gift only one
  • put stockings out

those traditions we normally always do for the longest I can remember

 How it is different

This Christmas is very different than the pasts because normally we would see are whole family and get together, have a big meal, open presents, and talk.

I wish we could still do that but I guess it is what it is right?

What are you doing for Christmas if you celebrate if you dont celebrate christmas what do you celebrate?

See the source image

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Hay Day

Hay Day,

 Hay Day is a game, where you build a farm and level up, you make different types of crops, food, and more.

At a small level you start filling truck orders, which means you make or buy [ from the news paper ] and once you have what you need you send your truck off and get money, and stars

Stars, once you get stars you level up ways you can get stars are growing crops, feeding animals, collecting food [ only if u make it] sending truck orders off, and from boats.

Boats, boats are something like truck orders but you only have a certain amount of time to fill it, you do get three chances to ask for help.

Helping, you can advertise something on the newspaper [ like food ] which will show anyone on the newspaper that you need help, so sometimes if they have the stuff you need help with they will help you, also you can get trees at one point and the first time they die people can help the live.

Buying/selling, you can advertise food. and it will show only some people that you are advertising  something, and same with you if you are looking on the newspaper you will see some stuff people are advertising.

Team once you get to a certain level you can either make a team or join, so basically you also get another choice for one more person to help your farm which is just your team ca help you. Day (Level 22) - Help Needed - What can I do to improve my farm? I have  gold and honestly I am just making profit off of my crops. I was

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Cake decorating

In are class we do O.W.L which stands for,  open word learning” ( it’s where you choose something you wanna learn or get better at something )and I have picked getting better at cake decorating:

For the one I’m gonna show you,

to start you make a mug cake, get icing, chocolate chips, cookies, caramel, knives, plate,

Instructions: cut mug cake in half, put caramel in bowl to melt then put in microwave and melt, put melted caramel in the middle, then put in fridge to harden, after it hardens you put icing all around and decorate however you want I was doing  a monster cake.

so I started by dying my icing green and putting textures all over my cake and then decorated a cookie and with melted caramel an d I chocolate chip i decorated the cookie into a eye and on the whole cake I put chocolate chips allover [to look like spikes on the monster] and that is how to make the cake I did and how I  decorated it!

her is a link to a how to decorate a cake video: Vegan Chocolate Truffle Cake - The Loopy Whisk

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What is O.W.L

OWL 🦉 is a thing we do in oil class room it sounds for open world learning, so basically we choose/pick something we either wanna get better at or learn about, and I picked cake decorating, what is something you would like to do as a job?

We get altogether 6-7hours in class and 5-6  hours out side of school, so altogether you get about 12 hours of OWL,

Why did i pick cake decorating,I picked it because I like decorating cakes and I wanted to get better at it.

Inspiration behind the cake I made, so since Halloween is just around the corner, and I made a monster

On my next blog I will show you what it looks like because since I’m on a phone I’m not sure how to do it!

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Halloween with covid-19

This Halloween is gonna be very different  then other because of covid-19, I know they are recommending not to trik-or-treating, i know I’m not going trik-or-treating this year. just think how many touch that candy before it gets to you, at my house were still gonna do something like a little scavenger hunt and Halloween is on a Saturday so i may be able to see friends. I may also on Halloween get my friend some candy, she lovess candy, I also know shes not trick – or -treating so I could get her a little bit of candy maybe .I do not like I cant go out trick-or-treating but at least i can still do something, i really like  that it falls on Saturday. what are you doing this Halloween is it like a normal Halloween for you or is it kind of like mine? let me know! thought: Parents worried COVID-19 could cancel Halloween 2020 |  National Post


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