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September 24 2021

So you may be thinking what happened on September 24, well on September 24 my cat gave birth to 3 very lovely kittens.

We bought mama cat on September 22 of 2021, yes, she gave birth after 2 days of us having her. Yes, we knew she was pregnant .

The kittens are 3 weeks old, she gave birth to 2 of them on the 24 and then the other 1 on the 25th probably about 1am.

All 3 kittens are 3 weeks old and about 2 days.

Some names we call them all, moto moto, chuncksters, and baby. The moma cats name is mama.

They are running around like CRAZY all day but when it comes to Bed time they go to sleep very quickly

The mama cat is mostly black with a little bit of white.

Baby cat is a brownish, gray black striped cat.

Chuncksters is a mostly black k cat with a little bit of Grey.

Chuncksters looks exactly like mama.



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Boo at the zoo

Boo at the zoo! What is boo at the zoo? Boo at the zoo is an evening event meant for families after zoo hours.

Boo at The Zoo - Winnipeg |

you do need tickets to go, the tickets are not to expensive! How much are they? Boo at the zoo tickets are $12.75! Two and under are free!

Currently with this pandemic in the world you MUST be vaccinated ( COVID 19 vaccine) if 12 and older.

What is at boo at the zoo?

  • special performances
  • activities
  • jaw dropping displays

Masks are mandatory for all indoor spaces and recommended for all outdoor spaces.

Tickets must be purchased online in advanced

Takes place October 8th to 31st. ( Tuesdays to Thursdays ) 5:30pm to 10:30pm.

more info here:

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The Zoo

Today is Friday September 17 2021, 11:25 blogging time!!!!!

I didnt have to make another blog but I felt like my previous blog was to long SO……. Here is another blog of the week!

Right now you are probably wondering why the title is “The Zoo” well tomorrow me, my mom, my step dad, my brothers, my niece, and my nieces mom, are all going to the Zoo. I am really excited because I haven’t been to the Zoo for 3 years! WOW.

Tomorrow we are going to the zoo for about 10am all the way to about 2 pm.

Tomorrow we are just taking some sandwiches and snacks because money adds up really quick for the amount of people that are going ( and Zoo foods really expensive )

Some of my top 5 favorite animals at the Zoo are……….

  • Red fox
  • Tigers
  • Monkeys
  • Butterflies
  • Owls
  • dinosaur exhibit

I also really like the Zoo because it has a lot of nice walking trails and a really nice park!

Hope you enjoy this blog bye! At 12:01 pm!

PlayWorks: Assiniboine Park Nature Playground in Winnipeg! | Natural  playground, Playground, WinnipegNature Playground | Assiniboine Park ConservancyAssiniboine Park -

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Back to school

We went back to school 2 days ago, so on Wednesday it was a fun fist week it is Friday today. On Wednesday morning I was scared to come. Once it was like a hour in I wasn’t scared anymore. My class is a pretty good and quiet class witch is very nice.

The first day of school was amazing, we mostly just played games, and talked about the class. Towards the middle and end of day we did a group project, witch was pretty nice. Except for the part when we were told we had to make a presentation and present the next day.

So overall these past 3 weeks have been pretty good but I do know its not gonna be all fun and games. This is the 2nd year being in this class so I know how it all works.


COVID-19: Back to School Plans in Canada (2021) | Mydoh

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Last blog

Hi my name is Annah and I’m going to grade 8 next year I’m a little scared because grade 7 has been a little rough( epically with covid.) My favourite thing to do in the summer is go swimming. I think we’re going to go see my grandma this tumour which I’m really excited to do.

I used to be so terrified of speaking in front of the whole class but I feel like I’ve overcome that fear over the years and that’s one thing I faced this year which I’m actually really proud of. It may sound sound like a big thing to overcome but for me I get like really stressed and anxious and so that’s just going to make a big milestone in life for me is learning how to speak in front of a big group of people.

I’ve heard that grade 8 is really quite easy but I feel like, that’s for certain people look a single individual but for schools and covid I struggled a lot but I feel like if covids still here I will have a lot of challenges to face which ones may be harder math because some math I have seen grade 8 do it looks so hard and I’m like how do you guys do it but I feel like with help from my teacher and friends I feel like I can over come it. Since the rest of the subject so we kind of do the whole class and don’t I don’t really struggle with other things that often and I feel like it should be good for like one more day is a whole class.

I feel like I have learned how to become more of an independent person and ask for help when I actually need it and I worked hard. I also became a better reader I feel like and I am at like a grade 7 reading level which is where I’m supposed to be but I’m supposed to be at a great level at least next year so I will work on that to get there.

I feel like next year should be an okay year and I’m really hoping by the time I’m in Grade 9 or towards the end of grade 8 that covid almost over that most people have their vaccines if they’re getting it.

Bye I hope you enjoyed my last blog for the year.


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What is Twilight? Well the twilight I’m talking about is a movie not the moon. There is a really good movie I like called, twilight, its basically about vampires and one of the vampires ends up dating a human and if I say any more than it will reck it for you but I will give you as much information I can give you. For twilight there are 6 books and 5  movies! I personally love the movies but I never read the books.

How many movies and what are the names? Well the the first movie is twilight, than the twilight saga new moon, the twilight saga eclipse, the twilight saga breaking dawn part 1, and lastly the twilight saga breaking dawn part 2. My favorite one is the twilight saga breaking dawn part 2 because it makes you thin things than it doesn’t actually happen.

How many books are there and what are there names? Well the books and movies are pretty much the same they have the same names there is just one extra book that is in Edwards perspective which is one of the characters in the movies.

You can either buy the movies from amazon or watch for free on Netflix.

300mb Hindi HD Movies | Twilight movie, Twilight saga quotes, Twilight book

want to by hit click here:– books


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Re-doing my room!

So lately I have been getting really bored of my room so I plan on re-doing my room and this is how its going to be re-done.

So the aesthetic I am going for is  a plant at beachy kinda vibe. You know?

I now want you to just close your eyes and picture my room ( i will describe it to you)

fake plants on shelves, beach vibe candle on a shelf with fake plants and fake plant candles.

Beach paintings on the wall, flower paintings on the wall and vins that light up dangling on the wall.

Open your eyes. Did you imagine it? Well if you did good!

wanna order stuff your self? here…..

See the source image


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Go visit

This week i  am going to honor a blog todays blog I am honoring is karas. I chose to do her blog because recently we have been hanging out so why not do hers.

Go check out her blog at the link.

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Blue Lens Glasses

If you get headaches or your eyes get soar when you stare at a smart board, phone, computer, etc. Then these glasses are for you.

I got these glasses on Wednesday and ever since I have had absolutely no headaches and it feels so good. When I first put the glasses on it hurt my eyes but after about 5 minutes my eyes felt so good. When I take my glasses off now, when wearing them for awhile it hurts my eyes.

I definitely recommend these glasses, I got mine for 23 dollars at Oakley vision.

Yes I do know they are cheaper on amazon but my mom bought them for me when we went for eye appointments.

I rate them 10/10 my glasses look like the ones on the top.

go buy some now if you are interested!

FEIYOLD Blue Light Blocking Glasses Women/Men for Computer Use, Lightweight  Anti Eyestrain Gaming Glasses(2Pack): Clothing & Accessories

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vaccine update

Hello today I decided to wright about the COVID 19 vaccine. On May 6th at least one of the doses 13,728,528 Manitobans had at least one dose, but there are 1,196,166 Manitobans were fully vaccinated.

On may 21st there is a vaccine coming to Manitoba for 12 years to 15 year olds. Which personally I think that is a really good idea! The vaccine they can get is the pfizer vaccine. This vaccine is 100% affected for 12,13,14, and 15 year olds and only 95% affected for 16 year olds.

Of the 40.085 cases in Manitoba 5000 of those cases were from 10 to 19 year olds.

( By the way all this information was found at the links I put.)

Keep your community safe.


Does It Matter Which COVID-19 Vaccine You Get? | FiveThirtyEight

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