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what my Friday looks like

So my Friday is just going to be like any Friday with the morning math test, gym, blogging, and you know that stuff.

But with that being said after school will be a bit different I will be going home, doing my after school routine eat dinner than going to my best friends house, , and we will be skating at her house and having a fire we are only aloud to hangout outside because you know covid 19.

I am really excited to go skating with her we will also probably be taking pictures together. taking pictures is one of are favorite things to do together! Ever since we where friends we take pictures almost every time we hang out.

We also have fires a lot too!

Just a little story: One night we were having a fire at my friends house and I was hiding in the bushes to scare her family but then my friend saw something in the bush and yelled and i was going shhhh but she still yelled then my cover was blown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What are some memories you have with your befriend?

do you wanna make your own skate rink:

let me know what some fun activities you do with your bestfriend!!!!

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Winter vs Summer

Summer vs. Winter – The Debate

Winter vs Summer

In today’s writers work shop will be talking about my 2 favorite seasons that are Winter and my perspective these two seasons are completely different.


Some people may like a different season than you, but that doesn’t matter;you can like whatever you want. I personally prefer summer probably because that’s when my birthday is!

The two seasons are completely different  So, yeah, I prefer summer more than winter mostly because of the weather. Personally, I don’t like being too cold, but that’s just my preference.

In the summer you can do more sports outside (because it’s nicer weather). Sorts like baseball, soccer, swimming, lacrosse, and football. Swimming is my “favorite thing in the summer”, and in the summer you can go to the beach and play “in the warm sand”.

In the winter you can also still do sports but different ones like, skating, hockey, indoor swimming. Its also colder outside, but also you can play with all the snow ,but you can’t do that in the summer.

So now you see that the 2 seasons are completely opposite. One, season is a bit colder, the other season is warmer, obviously because they are opposite season’s.

New restrictions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So as of Saturday January 23 2021 covid-19 restrictions will get lifted which means, we will be able to do more things outside not in are home.

Some of the new restrictions are.

  • groups of up too 5 people plus people who live in that house hold can visit outside on private property
  • funerals are aloud up to 10 people
  • retail stores are aloud to open ( with physical distancing, 25 percent capacity or 250 people which ever is lower.)
  • barber shops are aloud to open with 25 percent capacity and have to keep track of  contact tracing.
  • non-regulated health services can open but have to keep contact tracking (pedorthists and reflexology)

So as you may see a lot are re-opening i am really, really hoping are covid-19 cases don’t sky rocket again.

I would really hate for everything to shut down personally, I am really looking forward to be able to visit friends again and especially I cant wait to visit my family. I don’t know about you but i have missed my family a lot. I used to visit my family ( grandma grandpa nana papa ) almost every weekend. The last time most of my family (except for the people who don’t live close enough) got together was I am pretty sure was February 28 or 29 and that was almost a year ago, that was the last time most of my family was together not social distancing. That’s been almost a year ago which I cant believe. A lot of the reason for that is people could not listen to health orders because ” the health professional  just recommends it” and yes i have heard people say that.

So please dont be that person stopping everyone seeing  there family.

Listen to the health orders please.

Wanna read more aboutr the health orders? click here this is where I got my info! :

How can we talk to kids about COVID-19? Be “realistically reassuring” |  Canadian Paediatric Society

Dream life

So, today I will be talking about my dream life.

First thing I am going to talk about is my dream job which is a kindergarten teacher. Mostly my whole life I have wanted to be a teacher and I love working with  younger children, and kindergarten you get to do so much which them. Like play time, teaching them numbers, letters, and reading also so much more.

Next thing is my dream wedding. For my dream wedding I want my ceremony to be outside and my reception to be inside my wedding will be allowing kids up to a  certain time, after a certain time kids will not be aloud. i want my wedding to have flowers and a country aesthetic.

So, now that you have learned a little bit of my dream life. I would love to know about yours!

-bye have a great day!

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remote learning

So this week i started remote learning. It is going preety good so far. We still have one more week to go. the test we did today were easy enough to figure out. One thing i hate is that they only are talking 6 gradws ouy of in school i honestly think everuone should be out of school for 2 whole weeks. Although I get to sleep in a little not very much tho. I also like not having to wear a mask

I can also stay in my bed while doing school and stay warm in my blankets.

what is something you like about remote learning!