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interviewing Kaelynn(Q and A)

for my blog this week I am doing a q and a to my friend.

the questions: favorite  color, where do you wanna live, what school do you want to go to, favorite song, how many pets, how many siblings, closer to mom or dad, do you like summer or winter better, favorite thing to do in summer, favorite thing to do in winter favorite animal, and how has covid affected .

now the answers:

  • favorite color-lavender
  • where do you wanna live-b.c ( British Colombia)
  • what school do you want to¬† go to-Harvard
  • favorite song-green big tractor
  • how many pets-1
  • how many siblings-2
  • closer to mom or dad-mom
  • do you like summer or winter better-summer
  • favorite thing to do in summer-swimming and qauding
  • favorite thing to do in winter-skate, snowmobile, and x-mas movies!
  • favorite animal-fawn, cow, moose/moosie
  • how has covid affected you-more lazy, stressed, not as happy, don’t want to do anything, messed up sleep schedule

go check out kaelynns blogh at this link-

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Your life

How has your life changed with covid 19?

Mine has definitely changed mostly with like the not the not seeing family. We used to see are family every weekend but ever since March we couldn’t Wich was horrible.

I don’t know if everyones life has changed but mine my life has changed.

Things that kept me busy was going to the pool had friends over social distancing tho, and I would face time my friends alot.

I would really like to know if your life has changed at all and what you did to keep your self busy.