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All About Toby

So, before I start close your eyes and start imagining: black, short, curly hairs, blueish greyish eyes, and I am short and cute.


So now that you can kind of imagine me, hopefully, you are going to start learning, the facts about me.


Hi. My name is Toby. I am a dog. My dog breed is Cockapoo. My new owners picked me up on October 19, 2020, and I was almost two years old.


I am a very fast runner, and sometimes my owners cannot catch me. I love playing with toys, like baby toys, but then I get in a little bin in trouble because I am not allowed to play with toys unless they are mine.

I live with with five different people: two adults, one almost-adult, one preteen, and a baby.


Every school day, around 8:40am, one of my owners leaves me and does not come home till 3:45pm, sometimes later. I don’t really like being left alone, but after that I get played with, which I like a lot!

I hope you learned more about me!



what happens if we do online school?

if we do end up doing online school, which I dont really know if we will because I think that is one of the last things they will do. I went into a new grade this year so I do not know what online learning will actually look like. so I cant really say.

why should we have to wear masks?

if everyone wore masks the whole time, covid-19 would probably not be here anymore, but we all know there’s people that wont follow tge pandemic prodacall. We should wear masks because, if you wear a mask by anyone you are protecting everyone. if you dont wear a mask you are risking giving other people covid-19.

here is a link:

 Is your classroom diffrent

my classroom is very diffrent now. First of all my whols class is in 2 diffrent rooms now which is very weird!

How do you feel about all this covid stuff?


I find it very wrong that all of the province is in code red and they are saying, don’t be in any groups, so why are we in school with over 20 kids in classrooms, I get we are spread out a bit but still. they are also saying don’t go into stores because you can do curbside pickup, so why don’t we just do school online? Even if everyone masks in schools. in stores you have to mask to so why cant you go in stores there’s more people in a school than a store.

how do you feel about all this covid-19 stuff??See the source image

let me know!

Elephant ears

first of all you may be wondering why are you talking about elephant ears? Well probably the elephant ears your thinking of are not the ones I am talking about. I wSee the source imageill be talking about these elephant ears.

I actually have made these before so im going to tell you how to make them.







mix as much cinnamon and sugar together as you want.

then what I do is we have a air fryer so i put one tortilla in as a time and fry for about five minutes[ or till golden brown ]., Im sure you can do same with real fryer. It may even work in a oven.

then when its down cote the outside with melted butter and your cinnamon and sugar mix.


that link is very different then the way i do it but its still good



my mom after school surprised me with a new puppy its a boy. he is almost 2 years old! he is so cute I love him, it was so exciting when I first meat him. I still do love him!!!!!!!!

I was really happy to see him because over the summer my dog had passed away. it was a very sad time for me i was so upset.

but when i saw the dog we have now I was so happy I cant even explain it.!!!!!!!!!


his name is toby! he is a cockapoo which is a type of dog breed he is so cute! he has short curly hair blue and greyish eyes and he is short.

The Cockapoo: Is it the right dog for you? - K9 Web