Monthly Archives: June 2021

Last blog

Hi my name is Annah and I’m going to grade 8 next year I’m a little scared because grade 7 has been a little rough( epically with covid.) My favourite thing to do in the summer is go swimming. I think we’re going to go see my grandma this tumour which I’m really excited to do.

I used to be so terrified of speaking in front of the whole class but I feel like I’ve overcome that fear over the years and that’s one thing I faced this year which I’m actually really proud of. It may sound sound like a big thing to overcome but for me I get like really stressed and anxious and so that’s just going to make a big milestone in life for me is learning how to speak in front of a big group of people.

I’ve heard that grade 8 is really quite easy but I feel like, that’s for certain people look a single individual but for schools and covid I struggled a lot but I feel like if covids still here I will have a lot of challenges to face which ones may be harder math because some math I have seen grade 8 do it looks so hard and I’m like how do you guys do it but I feel like with help from my teacher and friends I feel like I can over come it. Since the rest of the subject so we kind of do the whole class and don’t I don’t really struggle with other things that often and I feel like it should be good for like one more day is a whole class.

I feel like I have learned how to become more of an independent person and ask for help when I actually need it and I worked hard. I also became a better reader I feel like and I am at like a grade 7 reading level which is where I’m supposed to be but I’m supposed to be at a great level at least next year so I will work on that to get there.

I feel like next year should be an okay year and I’m really hoping by the time I’m in Grade 9 or towards the end of grade 8 that covid almost over that most people have their vaccines if they’re getting it.

Bye I hope you enjoyed my last blog for the year.