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Top 5 of my favorite candys!

Today I decided to wright about my top 5 favorite candy.

From ok to best!

( top 5 is best )

5. top is would definitely be any type of sour gummies, because I don’t even know exactly I have always loved gummies and I love sour things. so whoever thought to mix the two together, THANK YOU!

Super Sour Gummies Tin | Lolli and Pops

4. One of another good candy is nerd ropes! with the sour crunchy gummy it just all goes together.

Wonka Nerds Rainbow Candy Rope 0.92 Oz. - -

3. This candy people may come for me for saying this, but, one of my candy’s, that is a candy I love to get and it is a ware head.Warheads Extreme Candy 1 Lb (453g) Assortment - Boyd's Retro Candy Store  Store

2. So I don’t know if this is a candy but it is chocolate any type of milk chocolate especially aero.

areo chocolate - Google Search | Novelty sign, Bubbles, Novelty

1. Skittles, Don’t get me wrong I love skittles but I would much prefer to get chocolate my favorite thing about skittles is the fruit flavor.  Skittles myth: Are red, yellow, and green all the same flavor?

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My spring break!

Hi, welcome back to my blog. Today this is my first blog since spring break. Then I thought why not just wright about my spring break so that is what I am going to do!

my spring break was a very good spring break even tho normally we would go to a hotel but we obviously- didnt this time.

spring break planner( but just to show you what we did hehe)

  • Monday, on Monday my mom and I made spring rolls for the very first time the were so good and so easy to make. I definitely recommend making them!
  • Tuesday, on Tuesday we just kept it a little chill because well you will see are week get really busy!
  • Wednesday, so on Wednesday my nana, mom, and I went thrift shopping im not going to say where because thats not information I like to share online .
  • Thursday, Thursday was the best day for me first my mom and I went to dollarama, sport check, and ardene, then we went to my hair appt. and i died my hair
  • Friday we did nothing!
  • Saturday, on Saturday we meet up with some family and just hung out
  • Sunday was Easter and we stayed home

I hope you have a good weekend!


Everything You Need to Know About Highlights for Your Hair | Redken

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Updated interview

So as you may remember I did an interview with one of my bestfriends, Kaelynn, the questions will also be similar as last time. Just a little shorter

favorite color- champagne, deep green, and sage green

favorite animal- cow/calf

dream job- medical oncologist, actor, and family lawyer

dream car- black jeep

favorite sport- skating, swimming, tennis, badminton, basket ball, hockey[ maybe ]

favorite movies- harry potter, twilight, and fallen

Its spring break time. I know I can not wait till spring break because I don’t have to worry about getting all my work done but it is only for 1 week I personally think it should be for 2 weeks.

don’t know what to do, do this :

sorry that this was a bit shorter but I hope you enjoyed bye!



All about me!!!!!!!!!!!

My blog today will be all about me! I obviously wont say like private stuff because well its private to me and the whole world does not need to know.

Some things I will not be telling you today is my name( if you clicked on my blog you already know my name)

my age I also will not say and where I live because i do not want creepy stalkers at my house.

favorite food- i dont really know maybe pizza…

hair color- brown and blonde

favorite color- baby blue

lucky number- i dont really have one but I like 2

dream job- kindergarten teacher

family- I have a mom step dad older brother and another brother

p.s- there is new variants of covid 19 if you have not learned how to wear a mask learn now, wash your hands, and sanitize. also if you are able to get the covid 19 vaccine

please take covid 19 serious I want to see all my family again in one big group


so i hope you enjoyed tis blog! 5 new COVID-19 cases in Manitoba, but province still on track to ease  restrictions, says top doctor | CBC News


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just another blog

For todays blog I will be wrighting about my top 4 favorite foods!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. My top favorite food is shish kabob because I guess it takes a lot of time so its kind of hard to make it when you are busy and my mom is the one who cooks and she has to take care ok kids work and making lunches and you know adult things. So back to why they are my top favorite food I love when we put onion zucchini meat and more stuff but all the flavors mix together so its just so good.





  1. My second favorite food is…………. Mongos stir-fry. I think mongos stir-fry is so much better than if you were to make it at home. On my stir-fry I get: steak, pork, ham, sausage, bean sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, onion, noodles, and sauces.





  1. My third favorite food is barbecued steak………….. I like barbecued steak because when its barbecued it isn’t to dried out there is so much flavor and yeah I don’t know I like steak.




  1. And my last favorite is pizza……………………. I like pizza because I don’t actually know I have always just always love pizza I don’t know why its just something about it that I just love.




Today it was really hard for me to think about what to aright so I would like if you could give me ideas to wright about.pan-grilled-steak.jpg

Kebab - WikipediaMenu - Mongo's Grill - Regent - Winnipeg, MB

Pizza Dough recipe – best ever homemade pizza! | RecipeTin Eats


All about Tik Tok

In todays blog I will be wrighting about tiktok the app not the song!Image result for what is the age rating for tiktok

What is tiktok: tiktok is a social media app. On tiktok you can make videos, like other peoples videos and follow people on tiktok. There is also a for you page.

what is making videos?: if you make a video you are using a sound or creating a sound and you can either do a dance to the sound, cook/bake, and or lip sync.

What is liking videos?: On tiktok you can like videos which is were you can hit the heart on the side of the screen and it tells the creator of the video that you liked it.

what is following mean?: so above the heart or if you search a creator you can hit the plus than boom you are following the\m you can also unfollow people if you dont want to follow them.

what is a for you page?: A for you page is where you fill out something when you first log in and then the for you page will give you videos off that.

Age rating: thee age rating is 13 plus.

private accounts: yes you can have a private account or a public account.

available on android and apple


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Do you need a new supper idea???

So if you are a kid who wants to cook for you parents or a parent who needs a new supper idea than your in luck because I have a new recipe to share. It is called ” baked feta pasta ”

I actually tried this and I think it is really good and it is also very simple.


  • seasoning – peper, salt, garlic
  • oil
  • tomatoes
  • feta cheese
  • noodles


  1. start boiling water for your pasta and once your water is boiling you need to pour your noodles in because depending on the noodles you are using, it can take up to a long time ( it doesn’t matter on what noodles/ pasta you use)
  2. Next up you need to either get an oven safe pan ( one with a wall type thing around it ) and but your tomatoes, oil, and seasoning in and then your fetta cheese in the middle of the pan. You can also do it on the stove with a pan. I know when I did it I did it on the stove and you just do the same thing and for the oven i would say about 350 degrees and for the stove put it at high heat .
  3. Then bye now your noodles should be done and your tomatoes and feta cheese
  4. With the tomatoes and feta you are going to smash the feta and cheese together and then drain the water out of the noodles and mix the noodles into the feta and tomatoes.

Then its time to enjoy if you try this tell me if you like it!

want more information click here:

Image result for tomato feta pasta

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What my Friday will look like this week!

So this Friday will be a bit different than others because this Friday I will be doing is….

So first you are probably like shouldn’t you be at school and the answer is no because it is a no school day for kids in my school division.

So first things first my mom and I will be going to Ardennes which is a girly store and I will be going to get clothes and some cool accessories maybe it will also all be bought with my money that I made.

Some things I will get are.



blind bag

fake nails? Image result for ardene

After i am done there my mom and I will be going to Dollarama because I need to get a few things like..


valentines day for by bff (because we are each others valentine this year)

and if I find anything else cool I might get it.

Image result for dollarama

Then next up my mom and I are going to superstore next I’m pretty sure. Just to pick up some groceries.

Image result for superstore

Next up we are going to Costco only if my step dad comes but anyway because we need to get stuff from Costco because we don’t really go to Costco with covid 19 happening.

Image result for costco

And I was also hoping that we could maybe go to Michaels but I don’t know if we are.Image result for michaels

Also don’t forget to wear masks!

don’t have any click here to buy:

What are you doing this Friday?

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what my Friday looks like

So my Friday is just going to be like any Friday with the morning math test, gym, blogging, and you know that stuff.

But with that being said after school will be a bit different I will be going home, doing my after school routine eat dinner than going to my best friends house, , and we will be skating at her house and having a fire we are only aloud to hangout outside because you know covid 19.

I am really excited to go skating with her we will also probably be taking pictures together. taking pictures is one of are favorite things to do together! Ever since we where friends we take pictures almost every time we hang out.

We also have fires a lot too!

Just a little story: One night we were having a fire at my friends house and I was hiding in the bushes to scare her family but then my friend saw something in the bush and yelled and i was going shhhh but she still yelled then my cover was blown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What are some memories you have with your befriend?

do you wanna make your own skate rink:

let me know what some fun activities you do with your bestfriend!!!!

See the source image


Winter vs Summer

Summer vs. Winter – The Debate

Winter vs Summer

In today’s writers work shop will be talking about my 2 favorite seasons that are Winter and my perspective these two seasons are completely different.


Some people may like a different season than you, but that doesn’t matter;you can like whatever you want. I personally prefer summer probably because that’s when my birthday is!

The two seasons are completely different  So, yeah, I prefer summer more than winter mostly because of the weather. Personally, I don’t like being too cold, but that’s just my preference.

In the summer you can do more sports outside (because it’s nicer weather). Sorts like baseball, soccer, swimming, lacrosse, and football. Swimming is my “favorite thing in the summer”, and in the summer you can go to the beach and play “in the warm sand”.

In the winter you can also still do sports but different ones like, skating, hockey, indoor swimming. Its also colder outside, but also you can play with all the snow ,but you can’t do that in the summer.

So now you see that the 2 seasons are completely opposite. One, season is a bit colder, the other season is warmer, obviously because they are opposite season’s.


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