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on May 28, 2021

What is Twilight? Well the twilight I’m talking about is a movie not the moon. There is a really good movie I like called, twilight, its basically about vampires and one of the vampires ends up dating a human and if I say any more than it will reck it for you but I will give you as much information I can give you. For twilight there are 6 books and 5  movies! I personally love the movies but I never read the books.

How many movies and what are the names? Well the the first movie is twilight, than the twilight saga new moon, the twilight saga eclipse, the twilight saga breaking dawn part 1, and lastly the twilight saga breaking dawn part 2. My favorite one is the twilight saga breaking dawn part 2 because it makes you thin things than it doesn’t actually happen.

How many books are there and what are there names? Well the books and movies are pretty much the same they have the same names there is just one extra book that is in Edwards perspective which is one of the characters in the movies.

You can either buy the movies from amazon or watch for free on Netflix.

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