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on April 30, 2021

Hi today is Friday I am so happy this week has been so long.

Today blog will be another interview, and I know you are probably think another interview on Kaelynn no not Kaelynn again but today it will be on Michelle.

Michelle is another one of my friends

The questions: favorite color, favorite shape, favorite season, favorite food, favorite candy, and jut some facts.

Question 1-blue

Question 2-circle

Question 3-summer

Question 4-mashed potatoes

Question 5-nerds she thinks

Facts of herself- her favorite animal is a horse, her favorite sport is volley ball, she wouldn’t me to say she doesn’t have a favorite teacher, her favorite subject is E.L.A and I do not know how to fell about that, and she wants to learn Spanish.

Hope you enjoyed the blog!

go check out her blog at –


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