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Top 5 of my favorite candys!

on April 23, 2021

Today I decided to wright about my top 5 favorite candy.

From ok to best!

( top 5 is best )

5. top is would definitely be any type of sour gummies, because I don’t even know exactly I have always loved gummies and I love sour things. so whoever thought to mix the two together, THANK YOU!

Super Sour Gummies Tin | Lolli and Pops

4. One of another good candy is nerd ropes! with the sour crunchy gummy it just all goes together.

Wonka Nerds Rainbow Candy Rope 0.92 Oz. - -

3. This candy people may come for me for saying this, but, one of my candy’s, that is a candy I love to get and it is a ware head.Warheads Extreme Candy 1 Lb (453g) Assortment - Boyd's Retro Candy Store  Store

2. So I don’t know if this is a candy but it is chocolate any type of milk chocolate especially aero.

areo chocolate - Google Search | Novelty sign, Bubbles, Novelty

1. Skittles, Don’t get me wrong I love skittles but I would much prefer to get chocolate my favorite thing about skittles is the fruit flavor.  Skittles myth: Are red, yellow, and green all the same flavor?

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