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Updated interview

on March 26, 2021

So as you may remember I did an interview with one of my bestfriends, Kaelynn, the questions will also be similar as last time. Just a little shorter

favorite color- champagne, deep green, and sage green

favorite animal- cow/calf

dream job- medical oncologist, actor, and family lawyer

dream car- black jeep

favorite sport- skating, swimming, tennis, badminton, basket ball, hockey[ maybe ]

favorite movies- harry potter, twilight, and fallen

Its spring break time. I know I can not wait till spring break because I don’t have to worry about getting all my work done but it is only for 1 week I personally think it should be for 2 weeks.

don’t know what to do, do this :

sorry that this was a bit shorter but I hope you enjoyed bye!


2 Responses to “Updated interview”

  1. chloesaemsblog2020 says:

    I like how you chose to write about your bestfriend and her fav things and I enjoyed it a lot and I agree with you that it should be 2 weeks not o1 week

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