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All about me!!!!!!!!!!!

on March 19, 2021
My blog today will be all about me! I obviously wont say like private stuff because well its private to me and the whole world does not need to know.

Some things I will not be telling you today is my name( if you clicked on my blog you already know my name)

my age I also will not say and where I live because i do not want creepy stalkers at my house.

favorite food- i dont really know maybe pizza…

hair color- brown and blonde

favorite color- baby blue

lucky number- i dont really have one but I like 2

dream job- kindergarten teacher

family- I have a mom step dad older brother and another brother

p.s- there is new variants of covid 19 if you have not learned how to wear a mask learn now, wash your hands, and sanitize. also if you are able to get the covid 19 vaccine

please take covid 19 serious I want to see all my family again in one big group


so i hope you enjoyed tis blog! 5 new COVID-19 cases in Manitoba, but province still on track to ease  restrictions, says top doctor | CBC News


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