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All about Tik Tok

on February 19, 2021

In todays blog I will be wrighting about tiktok the app not the song!Image result for what is the age rating for tiktok

What is tiktok: tiktok is a social media app. On tiktok you can make videos, like other peoples videos and follow people on tiktok. There is also a for you page.

what is making videos?: if you make a video you are using a sound or creating a sound and you can either do a dance to the sound, cook/bake, and or lip sync.

What is liking videos?: On tiktok you can like videos which is were you can hit the heart on the side of the screen and it tells the creator of the video that you liked it.

what is following mean?: so above the heart or if you search a creator you can hit the plus than boom you are following the\m you can also unfollow people if you dont want to follow them.

what is a for you page?: A for you page is where you fill out something when you first log in and then the for you page will give you videos off that.

Age rating: thee age rating is 13 plus.

private accounts: yes you can have a private account or a public account.

available on android and apple


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