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Do you need a new supper idea???

on February 12, 2021

So if you are a kid who wants to cook for you parents or a parent who needs a new supper idea than your in luck because I have a new recipe to share. It is called ” baked feta pasta ”

I actually tried this and I think it is really good and it is also very simple.


  • seasoning – peper, salt, garlic
  • oil
  • tomatoes
  • feta cheese
  • noodles


  1. start boiling water for your pasta and once your water is boiling you need to pour your noodles in because depending on the noodles you are using, it can take up to a long time ( it doesn’t matter on what noodles/ pasta you use)
  2. Next up you need to either get an oven safe pan ( one with a wall type thing around it ) and but your tomatoes, oil, and seasoning in and then your fetta cheese in the middle of the pan. You can also do it on the stove with a pan. I know when I did it I did it on the stove and you just do the same thing and for the oven i would say about 350 degrees and for the stove put it at high heat .
  3. Then bye now your noodles should be done and your tomatoes and feta cheese
  4. With the tomatoes and feta you are going to smash the feta and cheese together and then drain the water out of the noodles and mix the noodles into the feta and tomatoes.

Then its time to enjoy if you try this tell me if you like it!

want more information click here:

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