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What my Friday will look like this week!

on February 4, 2021

So this Friday will be a bit different than others because this Friday I will be doing is….

So first you are probably like shouldn’t you be at school and the answer is no because it is a no school day for kids in my school division.

So first things first my mom and I will be going to Ardennes which is a girly store and I will be going to get clothes and some cool accessories maybe it will also all be bought with my money that I made.

Some things I will get are.



blind bag

fake nails? Image result for ardene

After i am done there my mom and I will be going to Dollarama because I need to get a few things like..


valentines day for by bff (because we are each others valentine this year)

and if I find anything else cool I might get it.

Image result for dollarama

Then next up my mom and I are going to superstore next I’m pretty sure. Just to pick up some groceries.

Image result for superstore

Next up we are going to Costco only if my step dad comes but anyway because we need to get stuff from Costco because we don’t really go to Costco with covid 19 happening.

Image result for costco

And I was also hoping that we could maybe go to Michaels but I don’t know if we are.Image result for michaels

Also don’t forget to wear masks!

don’t have any click here to buy:

What are you doing this Friday?

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  1. aidensaemsblog2020 says:

    i like how you put stores that you are going to so you can get things for valatans day

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