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what my Friday looks like

on January 28, 2021

So my Friday is just going to be like any Friday with the morning math test, gym, blogging, and you know that stuff.

But with that being said after school will be a bit different I will be going home, doing my after school routine eat dinner than going to my best friends house, , and we will be skating at her house and having a fire we are only aloud to hangout outside because you know covid 19.

I am really excited to go skating with her we will also probably be taking pictures together. taking pictures is one of are favorite things to do together! Ever since we where friends we take pictures almost every time we hang out.

We also have fires a lot too!

Just a little story: One night we were having a fire at my friends house and I was hiding in the bushes to scare her family but then my friend saw something in the bush and yelled and i was going shhhh but she still yelled then my cover was blown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What are some memories you have with your befriend?

do you wanna make your own skate rink:

let me know what some fun activities you do with your bestfriend!!!!

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4 Responses to “what my Friday looks like”

  1. kaelynns blog says:

    i cant waittt!!!

  2. ernestsaemsblog2020 says:

    nice blog also going to Winnipeg this weekend to buy some groceries and get clothes in west 49 or zoo York. haha

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