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New restrictions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

on January 22, 2021

So as of Saturday January 23 2021 covid-19 restrictions will get lifted which means, we will be able to do more things outside not in are home.

Some of the new restrictions are.

  • groups of up too 5 people plus people who live in that house hold can visit outside on private property
  • funerals are aloud up to 10 people
  • retail stores are aloud to open ( with physical distancing, 25 percent capacity or 250 people which ever is lower.)
  • barber shops are aloud to open with 25 percent capacity and have to keep track of  contact tracing.
  • non-regulated health services can open but have to keep contact tracking (pedorthists and reflexology)

So as you may see a lot are re-opening i am really, really hoping are covid-19 cases don’t sky rocket again.

I would really hate for everything to shut down personally, I am really looking forward to be able to visit friends again and especially I cant wait to visit my family. I don’t know about you but i have missed my family a lot. I used to visit my family ( grandma grandpa nana papa ) almost every weekend. The last time most of my family (except for the people who don’t live close enough) got together was I am pretty sure was February 28 or 29 and that was almost a year ago, that was the last time most of my family was together not social distancing. That’s been almost a year ago which I cant believe. A lot of the reason for that is people could not listen to health orders because ” the health professional  just recommends it” and yes i have heard people say that.

So please dont be that person stopping everyone seeing  there family.

Listen to the health orders please.

Wanna read more aboutr the health orders? click here this is where I got my info! :

How can we talk to kids about COVID-19? Be “realistically reassuring” |  Canadian Paediatric Society

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