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Dream life

on January 15, 2021

So, today I will be talking about my dream life.

First thing I am going to talk about is my dream job which is a kindergarten teacher. Mostly my whole life I have wanted to be a teacher and I love working with  younger children, and kindergarten you get to do so much which them. Like play time, teaching them numbers, letters, and reading also so much more.

Next thing is my dream wedding. For my dream wedding I want my ceremony to be outside and my reception to be inside my wedding will be allowing kids up to a  certain time, after a certain time kids will not be aloud. i want my wedding to have flowers and a country aesthetic.

So, now that you have learned a little bit of my dream life. I would love to know about yours!

-bye have a great day!

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2 Responses to “Dream life”

  1. kaelynns blog says:

    i think its neat how you want to be a kindergartener teacher, good choice!

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