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on November 25, 2020

what happens if we do online school?

if we do end up doing online school, which I dont really know if we will because I think that is one of the last things they will do. I went into a new grade this year so I do not know what online learning will actually look like. so I cant really say.

why should we have to wear masks?

if everyone wore masks the whole time, covid-19 would probably not be here anymore, but we all know there’s people that wont follow tge pandemic prodacall. We should wear masks because, if you wear a mask by anyone you are protecting everyone. if you dont wear a mask you are risking giving other people covid-19.

here is a link:

 Is your classroom diffrent

my classroom is very diffrent now. First of all my whols class is in 2 diffrent rooms now which is very weird!

How do you feel about all this covid stuff?

2 Responses to “questions”

  1. mrewert says:

    I wish we could all follow along and drop these numbers. I am looking forward to someday being able to hug my parents again. Thanks for this heartfelt post Annah.

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