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Elephant ears

on November 12, 2020

first of all you may be wondering why are you talking about elephant ears? Well probably the elephant ears your thinking of are not the ones I am talking about. I wSee the source imageill be talking about these elephant ears.

I actually have made these before so im going to tell you how to make them.







mix as much cinnamon and sugar together as you want.

then what I do is we have a air fryer so i put one tortilla in as a time and fry for about five minutes[ or till golden brown ]., Im sure you can do same with real fryer. It may even work in a oven.

then when its down cote the outside with melted butter and your cinnamon and sugar mix.


that link is very different then the way i do it but its still good


4 Responses to “Elephant ears”

  1. madisonsaemsblog2019 says:

    Those look so cute and good!!!I am definitely going to make those

  2. mrewert says:

    I love those! Yay for fried dought: simple but great.

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