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Cake decorating

on October 16, 2020

In are class we do O.W.L which stands for,  open word learning” ( it’s where you choose something you wanna learn or get better at something )and I have picked getting better at cake decorating:

For the one I’m gonna show you,

to start you make a mug cake, get icing, chocolate chips, cookies, caramel, knives, plate,

Instructions: cut mug cake in half, put caramel in bowl to melt then put in microwave and melt, put melted caramel in the middle, then put in fridge to harden, after it hardens you put icing all around and decorate however you want I was doing  a monster cake.

so I started by dying my icing green and putting textures all over my cake and then decorated a cookie and with melted caramel an d I chocolate chip i decorated the cookie into a eye and on the whole cake I put chocolate chips allover [to look like spikes on the monster] and that is how to make the cake I did and how I  decorated it!

her is a link to a how to decorate a cake video: Vegan Chocolate Truffle Cake - The Loopy Whisk

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