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Halloween with covid-19

on October 2, 2020

This Halloween is gonna be very different¬† then other because of covid-19, I know they are recommending not to trik-or-treating, i know I’m not going trik-or-treating this year. just think how many touch that candy before it gets to you, at my house were still gonna do something like a little scavenger hunt and Halloween is on a Saturday so i may be able to see friends. I may also on Halloween get my friend some candy, she lovess candy, I also know shes not trick – or -treating so I could get her a little bit of candy maybe .I do not like I cant go out trick-or-treating but at least i can still do something, i really like¬† that it falls on Saturday. what are you doing this Halloween is it like a normal Halloween for you or is it kind of like mine? let me know! thought: Parents worried COVID-19 could cancel Halloween 2020 |  National Post

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  1. kaelynns blog says:

    good job!

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